SAFEC also provides its mem­bers with business leads per e-mail, as provided by the DTI.

We facilitate inward buying as well as outward selling missions when required and facilitate foreign buyer’s program­mes.  Input in development of our export strategy will be given on a regular basis.


In addition some groups also coordinate and execute joint research projects both within the technical (production) sphere as well as within the market value chain relating to in­forma­tion / statistics and market / consumer requirements.  This ensures market driven produc­tion and efficiencies with the distribution chain through which export volumes (and there­fore job oppor­tunities) are grown.


The most important way to increase the export base of cut flowers, bulbs and propagating

material is by pro-actively taking part in specialized trade exhibitions in various target markets. SAFEC mem­bers are informed of exhibitions, in- and outward missions, and urged to participate in export promotion events. This can only be achieved with the support of the DTI. Research & Development within the production areas and market arenas highlighted above sup­ports this ob­jective.